How it began
Tuesday, 04 December 2007
I will never forget the  day I arrived at JFK International Airport in New York.  I still remember my anxiety and uncertainty as I went through immigration.  Here I was., in the United States of America. In spite of the circumstances, I finally made it, as this was my dream, my long desired goal from the time I was a teenager.  I made it to a new country to pursue my dreams and make it my home.  It is unfortunate that some do not know how lucky they are being born and raised in this country, the land of opportunity, where there is freedom to pursue your dreams. For those of us who had to struggle to come here and start a new life, it is a special privilege and a true blessing. My name Is Khosro Hajari. My friends who can’t pronounce my name, call me Jeff.  I have had my own construction business for 15 years and am proud to say that in all those years, I have had an excellent record of customer satisfaction. 
Quality and integrity in my work is very important to me.  This integrity is something I carry with me in all aspects of my life.

My first deer hunt:

I have been always fascinated by nature, hunting and fishing. I Started Bow hunting in 2003 when I bough my first bow. Since I had no hunter friends, it took me awhile to learn bow hunting.  I am not a know it all, but I am a quick learner and I am not ashamed to ask questions. I got my first deer with a bow on the last day of the hunting season. It was a spot on public hunting land on Long Island that I was not familiar with... one of my most memorable moments. I shot the deer around 4:40, just minutes before the end of the hunting hours. I got out of the tree and started moving toward where I shot the deer , about 25 yard distance. I can not express my excitement when I found my arrow covered in blood. I started tracking the deer when I realized it was getting dark really fast. In the excitement I had left my Bow and bags with all my gear with the tree stand (climber). I had my cell phone and tracking tape with me. So I called the check station to let them know I was going to be late reporting back to the station (It is a mandatory practice when we hunt public land). The DEC officer at the check station told me since it was late I should go to check station and get a search tag and return looking for my deer.. As I turned to go get my gear I could not even find my tree, it was already too dark. I started putting tracking tape on the branches and walk toward where I thought I parked my truck.  Now, as I mentioned before this was a completely new hunting ground that I have not been on and it was daylight when I walked in. Needless to say after an hour walking in the dark I found my truck by luck. My pants and jacket were shredded to pieces. A lot of people have told me that at that point they would have just gone home and come back the next day.  Not me, I was not going home without my bow and gear and the deer I shot. After getting the search tag, I went to the store and bought two additional flash lights... Noticing how hard it is to walk a straight line in the woods especially in dark, I tied one flash light on a long stick, leaned it against the trees and made my way, little by little moving forward. To make a long story short, 11:45 at night I was out of the woods with all my gear and my first deer and I was over whelmed with pride.

My promises:

Now I am hooked on hunting. Like all hunters around the world I find it challenging and I enjoy nothing better than being out in the wilderness, fishing, hunting and sharing it with my friends. I have some good ideas. Ideas that are going to change archery and hunting for a better sport. Tree Apron was my first product. I can't tell you how many times I have lost a deer because of the noise caused by tree barks against my clothing. I recall sitting or standing on my stand for hours, afraid to lean against the tree for fear of making noise. Many times you have no choice but to hunt from trees with big noisy bark. This is how the Tree Apron was developed. It keeps you comfortable, quiet and organized (3 important factors in hunting). I’m proud to say that I not only design Tree Apron  products but also I am personally involved in their production. I have put great emphasis into bringing quality products to you.  I am also constantly thinking of improving our products and bringing more new and innovative products to hunters. When you check our web site, one thing you will notice is that none of our products are ordinary. They all have a creative edge. New ideas that makes you a better hunter.  Check our policy and know that we stand behind our products and do our best to improve your hunting.  Keep your eye on our web site, I promise you in the next few years, Tree Apron will be a familiar name among hunters and outdoorsmen for its innovative products..

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