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Friday, 21 September 2007
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Field Evaluation: Boot Bag by Tree Apron
By Keith Dunlap
Sep 21, 2007 - 7:05:04 AM Tree Apron is a company dedicated to the development of new and innovative products to make your hunting experience more enjoyable. Their products are developed and tested by hunting enthusiasts who expect quality products at affordable prices.  I received a Boot Bag from Tree Apron to evaluate.

Product Review: The Boot Bag by Tree Apron™
 Those of us that are animate about scent control are always searching for that next product that will give us the advantage we need to eliminate human odor when we enter the deer woods.  Often overlooked, our boots can be a major source of human scent deposit as we walk to and from our hunting spots. Think about it…you take a scent-free shower before the hunt, you keep your scent elimination clothing activated and in scent-free totes, you even keep the clothing in a scent-free bag in the truck on your way to your hunting location.  Most of us don't even put our scent-elimination hunting clothing on until we get out of the truck for the hunt.  What do most of us do with our hunting boots?  We keep them in the basement or garage with our hunting stuff, but not in a scent-free environment.  Then, we throw them on and hop in the truck to drive to our hunting destination, or just maybe, we put them on once we park the truck for the hunt.   Problem is, your human scent is all over your truck, and just about anything else your hunting boots come into contact with prior to the hunt.  Tree Apron has designed a Boot Bag for both tall and short boot applications, which will prevent your boots from absorbing human and human-related scents while storing them at home, carrying them in the truck, or flying them to a long distance hunting destination.

boot bagWhen I received the Boot Bag from Tree Apron, there were no manufacturing flaws and the workmanship appeared to be solid.  The stitching seemed very strong and the design is a good one.  There is an adjustable cord at the top of the Boot Bag, which adjusts by up to 4 ½ inches, to make a snug fit once you've placed your hunting boots inside of the bag.  There is a shoulder strap for ease of carrying.  The Boot Bag will work for short and tall hunting boots, depending on the model you choose.  The Boot Bag is made of 100% ballistic nylon and includes a double liner inside to prevent scent contamination.

I like this product.  I am guilty of not controlling the scent contamination of my hunting boots adequately.  The Boot Bag should provide that extra measure of scent elimination I need for my hunting boots this hunting season.  I plan to keep my boots in the Boot Bag whenever I am not wearing them. 

boot bag2Design: 4 of 5
Boots fit nicely     

Product Quality: 4 of 5
Quality made with no visible product defects     

Function: 5 of 5
Perfect for good scent control for your hunting boots. 

Retail price - $29.99
Colors Available: Black or Green
Sizes Available: Tall or Short
Material:  100% Ballistic Nylon   
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