Tree Apron/Hunting Pack info
Tuesday, 12 June 2007
The original Tree Apron

Tree Apron, the only gear you need beside your bow

Patent pending
For more detail please read "Hunt With Style"
  • It is a double sided hunting vest with the orange in the back.
  • It has sets of elastic adjustable straps and buckles which makes it a quick fit for all size hunters.
  • It has plenty of pockets in variety of sizes for your hunting equipment and more.
  • It provides maximum storage and comfort. The pockets are designed completely out of the way to accommodate easy maneuvering when wearing it.You can easily move, draw, shoot, climb trees, and carry tree stands and other back packs if needed.
  • The poly foam padding in the back makes the carrying of the tree stand much easier and more comfortable.
  • The elastic belt and the padded back create a comfortable back support for those who suffer back pain from a long walk or standing.
  • Once you are set up in your tree stand, it takes seconds to take it off your back and strap it on the tree.
  • It will cover the tree barks and completely muffle their noise. It also eliminates noises caused by your clothing against tree barks. You can comfortably lean against the tree with no worry.
  • It has set of hooks and clips inside the shoulder pads on both sides to hang your hunting accessories.
  • It keeps all your hunting accessories organized and handy, and yet when it is time to take the shot, you have nothing hanging from your neck to affect your shot.
  • It has a padded cushion for additional comfort while sitting. The cushion could be attached to the back for small game or turkey hunting.
  • It has been field tested by many hunters with great results.
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