Colt Schieffer
Thursday, 04 December 2014

My name is Colt Schieffer,

I am a member of Team USA Archery I compete in both Compound and Recurve. I am also a member of Junior Olympic Archery Development.

I have currently won all of my tournaments from the Local level all the way to the National level. I live in the beautiful state of Missouri in the South Western region! I use the revolutionary Twister Nock . I personally think the Twister nock is a product that should and will be a necessity for all competition shooters & bow hunters! The TwisterNock does improve Arrow Speed. It does so by applying kinetic energy. Which is losses with a normal nock do to the "bending & flopping" of the arrow. By adding speed to the arrow this allows you to become more accurate when it counts. Weather that may be the shooting line, at practice or in the tree stand. The rifling "spinning" of the arrow allows for tighter groupings & if you combine those attributes together, this allows for better penetration which is the key to bowhunting! Another advanced feature that the TwisterNock brings to the table is the smooth, sleek and quit dismount from the string. With these key components of the Twister Nock this allows for more forgiveness then a traditional nock! I truly believe it will change Archery! I plan on taking a Gold medal in the Junior Olympics I will do so by using this Revolutionary Product, the one and only TwisterNock. Get yourself some TwisterNock


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