Whitetail Stalker
Wednesday, 03 December 2014

Mike GrandstaffI've been bowhunting for 25 years and have seen a lot of new and different products. I have been privileged by using the TwisterNock. To be honest I am always skeptical when changing over to a new product. Of all types of people, Hunters are the worst at wanting to change something that has worked for them for many years.  I'm a die hard hunter to say the least. When introduced to the TwisterNocks I was skeptical like any hunter would be. After talking to Jeff I began to understand the logic and magic of how it worked. I I asked Jeff to send me one to try it. I went out to test the TwisterNocks against my standard nock. I shot it at 20 yards . I had identical arrows. Identical field points (100 grain). Identical fletching. Only difference were the nocks. I shot the standard nocked arrow. Then the TwisterNocked arrow. What I noticed at first was it felt so smooth . It felt like I didn't even shoot an arrow.  No vibration from the arrow at all. I noticed second of all was my arrow flew flat as I watched it leave my bow.  I was amazed the first time I shot the TwisterNock. So I proceed to the target only to notice the penetration was about 4 "s more with the TwisterNocks.  I thought "still slightly skeptical" this can't be. I shot over and over comparing the difference. Every time the same results. Quieter, smoother, flatter, no vibration of the arrow, better penetration !!!! I was a true believer !!! I will never use a standard nock again !! Like I told Jeff when I called him afterwards," Jeff, this is the best thing I've seen in the hunting world since I started." "The Whitetail Stalker " and his team will only use the TwisterNocks !!

- Mike Grandstaff  " The Whitetail Stalker "

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