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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Arrow RiflingIn the world of Archery, things don't move so fast. Change happens gradually and slowly. It took a long time for compound bows to become accepted. Eventually they have become popular. Everyone see the benefit of a fast flying arrow. It gives archers choice of shooting longer distances with better accuracy. Now everyone wants to shoot faster arrows. In hunting the benefits are; better trajectory, shorter pin gaps, less reaction time for the game animal, and finally better cut for a faster moving blade. Faster arrow means less chance of a miss, due to the fact that the arrow doesn't drop as much, if someone misjudge the distance.

The bow manufacturers can make bows that shoots faster, but the key is using lighter arrows.

The arrow manufacturers have taken advantage of the carbon fiber arrows, and made the arrows lighter, but to a limit. In order to make the arrow even lighter, they have to take away the wall thickness, and that changes the spine reaction.

The arrow becomes week and hard to stabilize on a fast shooting bow. There is a need for a game changer. I believe the ability to rotate or manipulate the arrow on the bow string is a solution. Spinning the arrow as soon as it feels the pressure of the bow string, helps the arrow spine reaction. Like a drill bit on a high speed drill, it cuts a precise hole with less chance of breaking the bit. The revolution will limit the flexing of the arrow.

TwisterNock starts to stabilize the arrow on your bow string. The arrow leave you bow straight, flies through the air straight and enters the target straight as an arrow. The arrow with conventional nock starts to stabilize after it leaves the bow, while it is bouncing all over.

The Idea for the Mechanical Arrow Nock came to me on 2007-8. I spoke about it publicly on 2008. As an inventor I was surprised at the reaction of some people who claim to be pioneer, engineers or expert in the archery. They did not believe that it could be done. "It defies the law of physics" they said. It is impossible to rotate the arrow on the bow string. It cannot be done.

I get really frustrated when I hear people talk like this. Specially hearing it from the engineers. They give a complete new meaning to the phrase "thinking outside of the box". I did a seminar for the National Inventors Council at PGA convention in Orlando, "Breaking the impossible barriers". As far as I know, there is nothing impossible, it is just that, we have not figured it out yet. Once we do, like any other new innovation in our daily life it becomes very possible.

I have many designs for the Mechanical Arrow Nock, and I intent to bring more of them to the market. I also have 2 us patents with total 48 claims including 4 independent claims. It covers a variety of options including using the movable parts to grab and release the bow string in time for arrow departure, activate a signaling or tracking device or an LED for light and more,,.

For my first production of TwisterNock, I have chosen a design that is most versatile and it could be used with most common bows and set up including traditional bows. The arrow starts rotation upon release, and then comes to stop as the fletching passes the boss cable, to avoid contact ( you still have to set the cock feather for the TwisterNock as you would for regular nock) Then as the arrow is about to depart it starts to rotate again. Please note that all of this happens so fast and in such split second that is only visible with high speed camera. Those who are engineer or familiar with mechanical design will appreciate the delicate design and how effortlessly the twisternock makes this transition. Traditional shooters can fine tune their cock feather to get the best clearance.

I have designed many products for archery and hunting. I am happy to say that after many years, TwisterNock finally is a product that I am proud of. It does what it has been designed for. It has proven itself. As usual I stand behind my products. It comes with warranty.

Few facts about TwisterNock:

  • You don’t have to change anything to use it. By just changing the nock you will see great improvement in grouping. I will guarantee 20 yard improvement in your grouping (If you shoot a 2inch group at 40 yard, you will be able to shoot 2” group at 60).
  • TwisterNock solves a lot of tuning issues with broad heads. You will be amazed at how every shot with broad head hits the same spot.
  • You may not see speed increase coming out of the bow due to the additional weight(10-12 grain verses regular nock), but your arrow will hit higher down range.
  • Now, you could get more speed by using less fletching. I use (3/4" x 1/2") fletching and I shoot 1, 1/4” fixed blades.
  • If you really want more speed, you can use lighter spine arrows, without sacrificing accuracy (TwisterNock mechanically enhances the arrow spine). Considering the nock is about 12 grain heavier, the overall arrow weight stays within limit. You can gain up to 30 FPS on speed of your arrow.
  • TwisterNock is not relying on air friction to spin the arrow. The arrow keeps the speed higher and stays afloat further downrange. It also helps the arrow in wind, there is less effect on arrow due to its rotation.
  • It penetrates into the target deeper. The rotation causes massive tissue cut and wound channel.

There are many testimonial, evaluations and test done by some of the experts in the archery industry. Please check our website as I have posted some more videos with some impressive test results.

Jeff Hajari


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