Mark Beck testing of TwisterNock
Thursday, 14 August 2014
 TwisterNock mechanically helps the spine of the arrow to recover faster. This will allow archers to use lighter spine(lighter weight) arrows with better accuracy, faster speeds, flatter trajectories and deeper penetration without changing the fletching, or preferred fletching offset.

Here is what Mark Beck had to say about it after doing some intensive testing of the TwisterNock:

"TwisterNock is a must for arrow flight stabilization. This results in better spine reaction out of todays high performance bows when you are living on the edge of spine selection when using today's arrow charts."    "This is like adding rifling to your bow. We all know what spin stabilization has done for bullets, now we have it for arrows." 

Mark did a second round of testing of TwisterNock and the results are as follow: 
I just finished (2) rounds of testing. My normal arrow weighs 375.

When I change to a Twister Nock, it weighs 385. This tells me it should hit lower at certain distances with Twister Nock.

I sighted (2) regular arrows in at 5 yrds, and hit 1 1/2" higher with (2) Twister Nock arrows. 
I sighted the regular arrows in at 20 yards, and hit 5" higher with the Twister Nocks. 
I sighted the regular arrows in at 40 yards, and hit 8 1/2" higher with the Twister Nocks. 
I sighted the regular arrows in at 60 yards, and hit 9 1/2" higher with the Twister Nocks. 

All of the groups were tighter with the Twister Nocks. I could not believe this, so I did it again with the same results. This tells me the arrow is not dropping at the same rate as a standard nock. I believe the rotation caused by the Twister Nock is stabilizing the arrow faster, causing better trajectory. 
This will also result in more down range Kinetic Energy being delivered to the target helping broad head accuracy and penetration.

In Mark's test, the arrow with TwisterNock hit higher at any given distance. This could vary from bow to bow, and depending how the bow has been set up. The important is that the gap between the arrows shot with regular nock verses the arrows shot with TwisterNock, keeps getting larger and larger as we go further. The arrow with TwisterNock does not drop as much, and this has been consistence in all our tests.
And better grouping.     And better penetration.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 October 2014 )