Full Moon Nock (MADE IN USA)
Sunday, 24 November 2013

This design is protected by US patent for Mechanical Arrow Nock (Pat#8267816 and Pat#7922609)

   Full Moon Nock


The Full Moon Nock is designed for use with arrows for crossbow. All parts and elements for Full Moon Nock has been carefully designed and selected to operate under the pressure of today’s Hi-speed and Hi-power crossbows.

The internal and moving parts are reinforced with Hi-Impact aluminum alloy. It works with all crossbows and with Anti dry-fire safety system.

Following are the Full Moon Nock special features:

Full Moon Nock

  • Easy install, simply press fit into crossbow arrow or bolts.

  • Easy function. Push and it will click ON. Pull the back end out, it will click OFF.

  • The battery on the Full Moon Nock is replaceable.

  • It is available in variety of colors with some of the brightest LED available.

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