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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Get ahead of the game. Start stabilizing your arrow on your bow string, and not after it leaves your bow



 TwisterNock Video

US patent 7922609

& US patent 8267816                                                         

 TwisterNock ®                                                                                       

 Better archery, better hunting

TwisterNock® is the first truly mechanical nock(Spring loaded). It delivers accuracy with great precision.

What are the benefits? 


  • It allows for faster set up. 
  • It adds accuracy to the arrow.
  • It delivers maximum kinetic energy to your target.
  • It rotates the arrow into the target.
  • It reduces the vibration resulting in a smooth and quiet arrow departure.




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It rotates the arrow on the bow string right off the bat. The instant rotation of the arrow helps the spine of the arrow when the string pressure is at its most. It stiffens the arrow resulting in less flexing on the arrow shaft. This stabilizes the arrow much faster and creates better accuracy.  

The conventional arrow start stabilizing after it leaves the bow string. That is why any attempt to spin the arrow, results in more noise and lost of speed and kinetic energy. TwisterNock spins the arrow mechanically. It is not relying on air drag to stabilize or spin the arrow. The angle of vanes are relevant to the speed and rotation of the arrow and they have minimum drag. Therefor it is very quiet and fast especially down range.
TwisterNock versus regular Nock is like bullet out of a rifle versus slug gun. The bullet keeps the speed and accuracy up down range. It does that mainly due to its rotation. 


We put a whiteout spot on an arrow and shot it  into a 30 yard target. The streak  marking on the arrow confirms a full revolution in every 10"-11" of travel into the target ( With field point). Below is a picture of the whiteout test.

white out test

TwisterNock turns the Broad Head into the target causing massive tissue damage. Below are the pictures taken from the 30 and 40 yard shots. From the entry blade marks and the exit, it is clear that the broad heads turned into the  hard target. These pictures were taken when we did the slow  motion video.  I would like to point out that the day we did the slow motion video, it was a very windy day. you can see on the slow motion video my sleeve is flapping in the wind. Even in high wind the arrows had no difficulty hitting the target.




How to use TwisterNock,


Place the nock on your bow string. Nock your arrow by  pressing  against the  string and turn  clockwise. This will  automatically  lock the TwisterNock  in  the charged position. It only discharges when you shoot the arrow or if you compress  and  turn  the  arrow to the   left . You  could  also  cock  the TwisterNock  in advance and just nock  it  on your bow  string. 

how to


What size arrow does it fit?

 TwisterNock fits most popular arrows in the market. Check the following link for your arrow size.

Arrow selection chart


What broad head to use? 

Both Mechanical broad heads and Fixe blades performe well, in flight and into the target. 

We have tested different brands fixed  and mechanical broad heads with TwisterNock. It works well with most broad heads. 


What Fletching to use?

TwisterNock improves arrow performance regardless of what fletching you use. Overall, you will notice much better accuracy and flight pattern 

with TwisterNock. You get best result using right helical fletching. 

The TwisterNock will spin the arrow even with straight vanes.

TwisterNock works the same for right and left handed bow.


What rest to use?

 TwisterNock works with all arrow rests. Including fixed arrow rests and Whisker Biscuit.


 Is TwisterNock noisy? 


TwisterNock rotates the arrow mechanically, it is not relaying on air drag to spin or correct the arrow. TwisterNock is very quiet.

The spring inside the TwisterNock takes away some of the initial impact of the bow string, acting as a shock absorber and resulting in a very quiet 

and smooth arrow departure.

The object of TwisterNock is to stabilize the arrow and get a much better accuracy without wasting or losing any energy. stabilizing an arrow

specially when shooting broad heads have been an issue. TwisterNock does it with the list drag necessary from fetching. Just think of it, less 

fletching, less chance of hitting a leaf or twig. With more accuracy and speed downrange. And to top it up, the damage it does to its target.

It is like putting a blender trough it.

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