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Tree Apron is actively involve in promoting archery among women and younger generation as a familly sport.

Here is a pic of most of the kids that got an award. Some of them were either absent the day it was given to them or they left before I could get them a picture. All I have to say is that once I showed them what the Tree Apron had to offer them while hunting and the benefit of the boot bag, they really perked up. I was assured by the kids that they would be using the product this next season. I will be keeping in touch with them this fall looking for more pictures. There were some other things that the kids got as well in the pic from other manufacturers like yourselves that were awesome enough to donate for this cause. The two boys in the front were to top to %'s for the entire course. One had a 99% and the other a 95%. All of the kids that earned an award got over 90% for the course, not just the test. I am sure that if there wasn't the motivation of getting an awesome product like the one you offer, they would not have tried as hard. I am proud to say that ALL students that took the course this spring passed and will be getting their hunter ed cards in the mail this summer. Great Job Tree Apron!


Happy Hunting,

Shawn McAlister

Anderson Middle School

Agriculture Instructor

Thanks for all the things you sent to Anderson Middle School for the hunters safety course. I will have fun with what I got.


Colton Garvin


I received your package today and I am thrilled with all you donated. Michigan Bow Hunters Assoc. sends its sincere thanks. We will put it to good use

Your donated prizes were put to good use. Each 3rd Place Top Gun winner received a Tree Apron as part of their prizes.

Pennsylvania Youth Hunter Education Challenge 2008
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