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Thursday, 11 June 2009
Now you can tune your arrow nocks for optimum performance.Gain speed and more important, consistency on all your arrow flights.  


This handy tool will allow you to tune your arrow nocks to your bow string, resulting in faster, quiet, and more consistent arrow flight. All arrow nocks have a preset gauge. But not every bow has the same string size.  Nock-Tune will easily set the size of your arrow nocks to your bow string serving. It will eliminate additional friction and adds to the speed of your arrow. Also since all your nocks will have the same gauge set, they will fly the same.


Use the gauge to find the size of your bow string.


Nock your arrow on the same size templet.


Using the double sided gauged nock file and remove the access material until you get the right grip on your arrow nock.

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