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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

2007 Triple Double Grand Slam Bowhunt


Tree Apron Reviews: PART 1 | PART 2

This Spring's wild turkey hunts were made even more enjoyable by a unique product that became as much a part of the hunt as my bow -- the Tree Apron. (Tree Apron is on the web at If I would've had input on the naming of this useful hunting item I would have called it something like the Super Turkey Hunting Vest. Because it is just that. The Tree Apron definitely beats the pants off any of the several turkey vests I have used over the years.

It has over the shoulder straps as well as a waist belt. Here are front and back views. From the picture on the right you can see the basic layout of the Tree Apron. The back is fully padded with a remarkably thin, poly foam padding that really takes the butt ache and back ache out of sitting -- especially sitting for a long time.

The shoulder straps and waist belt adjust to fit all chest and waist sizes and they fasten with quick release style buckles.

Reversible too! One side of the Tree Apron is camouflage and the other is blaze orange. The lower half has a removable high tech poly foam seat pad that is thinner than most, but this pad provides sitting comfort that is probably better than what you are used to -- unless you have a Tree Apron. 

On all of this Spring's turkey hunts I took advantage of the Tree Apron's superior padding and placed it on my fold up chair (see below). A sling style chair develops a bite in short order and using the Tree Apron as a seat and back cushion made a big time difference. I can't say enough about this padding . It is far better than any cushion or the ordinary padded seat you find in hunting stores. Instead of spending a long morning or afternoon's hunt gutting it through an ever growing butt ache, the Tree Apron turns your turkey hunting chair into a comfortable seat.

Tree Apron is all about ORGANIZATION. It organizes your turkey hunting stuff so you can get to it when you want it.

Tree Apron holds as much gear as your turkey vest, and probably more; but better yet is its carefully thought out design which incorporates a pocket system that is second to none. There are 10 pockets in all, small ones, medium ones, and large ones. My slate calls were a perfect fit in the lower left pocket. The pocket has elastic at the top but it also has a flap that snaps shut. Nothing is gonna fall out of these pockets in the mad rush to get set up when a gobbler answers a call.

Above that pocket are two smaller pockets that also use the super secure elastic top and snap flap design. I put some mouth calls in one and a small measuring tape in the other. My picture shows one of the two pockets. (Below left.)  Behind these pockets is a large pocket that opens with a zipper. This large pocket held my tent stakes (to hold the Double Bull in position when the wind got up). 

Plus, the mosquito and bug runner-off wonder product, a Thermacell. Three slate strikers fit nicely. And some odds and ends slid in as well.

The inside side of the pocket unit has a roomy mesh pocket. It held a more of my turkey hunting stuff.

The padded seat cushion clips to the bottom of the Tree Apron and it is just the ticket for run and gun type turkey hunting. When you sit down the sitting pad is in just the right position. 

The right pocket unit has a slightly different configuration than the left pocket pictured above but its use is the same. To see how much gear I had in the Tree Apron take a glance at my Part One article.

So what about you turkey hunters who stuff your gobbler in you turkey vest back pocket? In the picture of the back of the Tree Apron you will see a D-Ring. Using a little cord I tied the gobbler's feet to the D-ring and stuck his head and shoulders in the big pocket that the cushion goes in. It worked just fine.

All the turkey vests (that I've owned) had the same flaw, the pockets were either too small or two big or too few. The small pockets were pretty much useless and the gear wound up crammed into two or three large pockets. Finding the turkey stuff quickly or in the dark was difficult as well as noisy.

But that is not the case with the Tree Apron. It is the epitome of the phrase, "a place for everything and everything in its place."

See an excellent demo and get more info on the Tree Apron at

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