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Thursday, 14 June 2007
 Sometimes the simplest designs can have the best effect.  This was the case when I first saw the Tree Apron at the 2007 ATA show in Atlanta, Georgia. Aisle after aisle, and booth after booth of products were on display, a few of these products that I found were no more than gimmicks, other products created a “light bulb” moment for me, as I would ponder “why didn’t I think of that?”

 I was skeptical when I first saw the Tree Apron, it looked a bit bulky and it had an odd, unusual size to it. After I took a serious look at it, I discovered that it is a useful tool to have during hunting season. The odd size that first caught my attention is what separates this vest/apron from the rest of the pack. The first obvious difference that the Tree Apron offers compared to other “vests,” is that is longer or taller in the back, which provides additional coverage of the tree trunk compared to the normal vests on the market today.   As a woman hunter that normally sports a pony tail, I have had my share of moments when my ponytail gets stuck woven in the bark of the tree that I am sitting in.  Even men, who may enjoy resting their heads against the tree as they wait for game to approach, may find the higher backed Tree Apron, worthy of a second look, since it offers more height coverage on the tree compared to other models on the market.

I tested the Tree Apron during turkey season. I found the Tree Apron to be a useful tool that offered more that the traditional vest. The Tree Apron easily switches from vest mode to “tree” mode as the sturdy straps wrap around the tree trunk. Walking into the woods, while wearing the Tree Apron, was quite comfortable. The padded straps and light weight design made it easy to maneuver thru the timbers, even while carrying a weapon.  The vest quickly snapped onto the trunk of a tree to form an “apron” that not only created a comfortable backing against the tree but provided me with a good seat.   The high back of the Tree Apron not only helped keep my hair off the tree but it muffled the noise made when brushing or rubbing against the bark.  I also valued the deep pockets to store my various calls in.   The Tree Apron also comes with a set of hooks and clips located in strategic places to help hold more of the necessities that we hunters take to the woods. The vest/apron is designed well enough and sturdy enough, that regardless of how much stuff I crammed into the pockets I felt comfortable carrying it all.

I found the padded cushion very comfortable for sitting; however, my only suggestion to the manufacture would be to make the pad a little thicker and perhaps a little wider.  That would make it downright perfect.  I plan on using the Tree Apron this fall while bowhunting from my tree stand.  I have no doubt that the light weight construction of this product will allow me to wear my safety harness without any interference, and that the Tree Apron will provide me with the useful pockets that I need to store my gear in. In addition the Tree Apron is reversible with hunter’s safety orange, providing extra safety during firearm season and extending its use throughout all of the seasons.

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