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Tuesday, 12 June 2007
Hi my name is David, and I love to hunt I was given a tree apron to field test by my good friend Jeff. He told me evaluate this product , and be honest .The first time out was 2006 opening day for the bow .The first thing I notice about the tree apron was how well all my gear fit in all the pockets, and I bring all the bells and whistle when I go into the field. Rang finder, binoculars, grunt call, doe call, predator call, turkey call, flash light, camera, safety belt, rattling antlers, water bottle, extra release, twenty foot cord, bottle of scent, scent wicks, small bottle of talcum powder to check the wind, folding hand saw, hand clippers, five inch knife, G.P.S., and don't forget the cell phone.
 The next thing I notice was how easy it was to put on, and I loved the fact that it crises crossed in front of my chest and not strapped over my shoulders which would be in the way of my other straps when I put my tree stand on, or have to worry about the straps falling off your shoulder. When you have it all strapped up it gives you a comfortable supportive feel on your lower back and kidney. Now I also carry in with me a hang on tree stand and 4 strap on climbing sticks
 for a total of 25LB.,which is not bad compared to some the other tree stand on the market that are even heavier. After putting my tree stand on my back I was very pleased to have that padding between my back and that 25LB. of metal. The padding and the way the side bags are placed on the apron keeps your tree stand from making noise which would happen with any other normal fanny pack I would need to carry in all my gear. After a 1 mile hike to the place I wanted to setup my stand I had no problem climbing up the tree and setting up my stand with all my gear. Strapping the tree apron onto the tree was very simple with the adjustable elastic straps. Once in the tree I was able to organize all my gear on all the hooks that come with the tree apron, plus I had the extra quiver and bow holder that comes separate. The padding against the tree kept the tree bark from making noise against my clothing, and the padding also made the hard tree a lot more comfortable on my back, The padded seat also made the long day ahead much more enjoyable The tree apron worked like a charm that day I harvested a nice mature doe that came in from behind me, not from where I was expecting deer to come from, but I was able to turn around and reach for my bow, draw and get a double lung shot without worrying about making noise against the bark of the tree.

Next stop was Kansas for the rut, where I was ready to put the tree apron to the real test, Five days of prime hunting, I couldn't wait. I was going to sit all day every day till I harvested a giant or my hunt was over. The year before I spent ten day in Kansas and had no luck, but I did not sit on stand all day. After a couple of hours my back and my butt would start bothering me and I'd head back to camp to rest my back and eat. I always felt afterwards maybe I should have sat all day and put the odds in my favor. But this year I new this was not going to be an issue, with the tree apron I would be able to sit all day comfortable. After three days of sitting on stand watching small bucks go bye, and young does, I finally got my chance on a nice mature doe. On the fourth afternoon at about noon when all the other hunters were back at camp relaxing and having lunch it finally happen, a doe came running out of the thicket with this big mature ten point buck hot on her trail I was able to reach for my rattlers with no problem, grabbed my grunt call gave two short grunt, and grab my bow to get ready. Sure enough he came running in seventeen yards in front of me, now I had to wait till he turned and give me a good angle, before his mind went back to that doe he was chasing .Sure enough he turned and gave me the chance I needed to draw my bow, get the pin on his vitals and release. And watch my arrow hit its mark. He fell fifty yards from my tree stand. The tree apron did its job once again. It kept me comfortable, quit, and organized. The buck measured a whopping 155in. pope and young, my biggest buck ever.

In my opinion the tree apron is a must have item for any serious hunter,

P.S. I can't wait to try it this January for the Alabama rut with the gun, or this spring for turkey season

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