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    Hunting Revolution Inc, is dedicated to the development of new and innovative products to make your hunting experience more enjoyable. Our products are developed and tested by hunting enthusiasts who just like you, expect quality. Hunting Revolution Inc., Introduced its signature product Tree Apron at the 2007 ATA show along with a line of new and creative products. For the second year at the 2008 ATA show,  Hunting Revolution has proven to be on the innovative edge. We respect the tradition that has been passed down through the generations, from the beginning of archery and the art of using bow and arrow. Our goal is to improve archery and hunting by creating products that result in better success. Our products are made to improve your archery and hunting ability. We limit the use of Hi-Tech electronics in our products. We like to keep archery and bow hunting the challenging sport that it is. If we can make you a better hunter by providing gear that offer you safety and comfort, keep you organized and quiet and offer the ability to manage scent, if we can make your arrow fly faster and more accurate, we will proudly take that challenge and bring results to archers and hunters all over.

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I will never forget the  day I arrived at JFK International Airport in New York.  I still remember my anxiety and uncertainty as I went through immigration.  Here I was., in the United States of America. In spite of the circumstances, I finally made it, as this was my dream, my long desired goal from the time I was a teenager.  I made it to a new country to pursue my dreams and make it my home.  It is unfortunate that some do not know how lucky they are being born and raised in this country, the land of opportunity, where there is freedom to pursue your dreams. For those of us who had to struggle to come here and start a new life, it is a special privilege and a true blessing. My name Is Khosro Hajari. My friends who can’t pronounce my name, call me Jeff.  I have had my own construction business for 15 years and am proud to say that in all those years, I have had an excellent record of customer satisfaction. 
Quality and integrity in my work is very important to me.  This integrity is something I carry with me in all aspects of my life.
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logoTree Apron In. is proud to introduce Team Tree Apron.
They are a group of avid hunters, who just like you love hunting and innovative products. The team was formed by individuals who beleve in our products. They liked the products so much that they started helping and promoting them with no expectations and no strings attached. We feel blessed and honored to have them on our side.
We are going to film our hunts and demonstrate how our products can improve your hunting ability. We not only promote our own products but also appreciate other innovative products that are ready for a hunting challange. Bellow are a list of our sponsors:

Chuck Bowman
PA Team Captain
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Chuck Bowman, 40  from Waynesboro ,PA .I love to hunt. I have found over the years I don’t need to be killing game to enjoy the hunt .Meeting new people and enjoying outdoors is what it’s all about. A friend and I invented a automatic light system for on your bow 5 years ago and put it on the market, www.cbeearchery.com . I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot fellow hunters and have been invited to hunt a lot of different ground over the course of my years in the hunting field and have harvested and seen some pretty nice buck in my days. I am married to my lovely wife Dawn and have 2 wonderful children a daughter Becca 14 and a son Devin 15 .I have helped with handicap kids on hunts that would never be possible if it wasn’t for the friend and fellow hunters that I have met over the years  (I SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF THEM) for helping these kids dreams come true. I had open heart surgery at the age of 36 and look at life in a whole new way. I look forward to sharing hunts with all the team members and enjoying spending many more years in the field. I met Jeff on a hunt in Illinois and have been good friends ever sense,(And I thanks you Jeff for inviting me to the team and letting me share in the experience) I think TREE APRON is one of the most exciting companies to hit the market in a long time and there always keeping the hunters in mind. Just remember my fellow team members 
The true testament of a trophy is any game animal with hide or feathers, big or small, pursued and harvested by fair chase methods, in which memories are made and stories can be forever told.

Rodger L Barnhart
Team Member

Roger Barnhart 57 . I have enjoyed hunting for many years and I have token some nice bucks in the time I have been hunting. My wife Sharon and I have two grown children, Melissa and Tobey and grand kids. I enjoy hunting with my son and grand children. My grandson Brandon goes with me every year with the bow. We all think that the bow and climbing tree stands is very exciting and magical. I think that bow hunting is the most exciting experience that a person can have.

Mark  Rockwell
Pro Staff
I am 35 years old, LOVE TO HUNT !! If I'm not hunting something, I'll be fishing! I have 3 beautiful daughters(Ashley, Alexis and Kayden), who love to follow Dad to the woods or to the river. I live in rural NY(nothing beats the country) I love any kind of hunting, turkey, deer, small game, ect. My father has taking me hunting since I was able to keep up with him. I love to hunt deer and turkey and look at it as more of a job than a hobby. Planting food plots, hanging tree stands, scouting, ect. I am also putting together a hunting video, about how guys who work 40hrs. a week and still find time to scout, hang stands, ect. I love using new products in the field and when I saw the Tree Apron, I thought what a great idea. Something to get all my equipment into the woods and not have to carry a fanny pack, backpack, ect.

Tink Nathan
Pro Staff
Tink Nathan
Lifelong Bowhunter, Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter, Outdoor Writer and Editor on Hunting, Renown public Speaker  Lecturer on Bowhunting and White-tailed Deer, Retired Manufacturer of hunting equipment and products, former President and founder of Tink's Safariland Hunting Corporation in the U.S.A {1954 to 1991). Staff Consultant to Wellington Outdoors 1991-present. Original inventor &  Developer of Tink's # 69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure, and 125 other outdoor hunting products.  Tink’s # 69 Doe-In-Rut Buck lure has been on the market for 25 years and is the Worlds Best Selling Deer Lure.  Hold United States Trade Mark for the name Tink’s. Producer of hunting documentaries and wildlife films, produced over 25 full length, broadcast quality, true life adventure outdoor documentaries and videos; graduate of The Sony Institute of Applied Science &  Technology, Hollywood, California at the American Film Institute.
Professional Hunting Outfitter/ Game Ranch Manager/Professional Bowhunting Guide - 1984 to 1988 Tink's Hunting Lodge in West Virginia, U.S.A, Contributing Editor & Columnist, "Ask Tink,  in " Bowhunter Magazine from 2nd issue for 12 & half years from 1971 to 1984.
Life Member of Professional Hunters Association of South Africa since 1985. Life Member and Full Professional Member International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA) since 1982 Co-Founder, Charter Member and first Field Director of Fred Bear Sports Club. Life Member of Texas Trophy Hunters Association. Honorary Life Member of Alabama Bowhunters Association. Charter Member of Natal Bowhunters Association. Co-Founder and Member of South African Bowhunters and Conservation Association. Life Member of Lone Star Bowhunters Association. Life Member of National Rifle Association. Long time member of Safari Club International, and member of the SCI African Chapter, North American Muzzle-loading Chapter, Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter and Honorary member of the National Capital Chapter. In April 1999 was inducted into the Outdoorsman Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia.
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